Q: Who can submit to the virtual seminar series?

All scholars working in the asset management field, broadly defined, are welcome to submit. Priority will be given to junior faculty members.

Q: Can PhD students submit their work for presentations? 

To begin with, we are restricting it to tenure-track and tenured faculty but may consider extending it to doctoral students at a later stage. 

Q: How will the papers be selected?

First, the papers have to be related to asset management (broadly defined), including mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, private equity funds, etc. Second, we plan to provide a preference to junior presenters and newer, but complete, work (i.e., working papers not presented at previous AFA or WFA meetings or scheduled for the 2021 AFA meeting).

Q: Who are the organizers? 

The organizing committee currently includes Vikas Agarwal (GSU), Kevin Mullally (UCF), Sugata Ray (Alabama), and Yuehua Tang (Florida). 

Q: What are the expectations regarding the quality of the papers?

Our endeavor is to include papers that are most closely related to asset management and ready to be shared in the public domain. The committee’s main responsibility is to run a basic screen on the research topics, give a preference to junior scholars, newer work, and take care of the logistics.

Q: Will there be discussants?

We decided against having formal discussants for presented papers. We believe that keeping it as an open forum where people can ask questions would perhaps provide more detailed and diverse feedback from like-minded scholars who are familiar with this research. We hope that participants will take the opportunity to engage actively in discussions and make this experience more enriching for everyone.

Q: Given the time difference, it will be hard for scholars outside the U.S. (e.g., Asia/Europe)  to participate, how are you planning to accommodate these presenters?

Indeed, it is challenging for presenters outside the U.S. to present given the time difference. Currently, if there is interest, we are potentially planning to group presenters from Asia/Europe together and have one month devoted to those presenters. For Asian/ European sessions, the time will be adjusted accordingly to accommodate the presenters. We welcome your suggestions on better ways to accommodate all scholars from all over the world.